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Inspired by atypical vehicle modifications, we decided to do things our way. Our desire is to offer greater pleasure in taking care of your car.


Think about the projects you put a lot of time and emotions and sometimes swearing :). Rebuilding your interior, lowering your vehicle, boosting performance ... didn't you please the result? The development of our products can also be linked to your story, not everything can be done for the first time. That's why we put time, commitment and effort to listen to your requirements in product development.

Little things make up the whole

We wish you a smile on your face when you wash your car, smell interior dressing, apply wax to your body. Why couldn't it be fun?


If you want to be different, we will support you. So that our project-f is a support for your dream project. If you can't give advice with the products you have comments, we are here for you.

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Project F - Car cosmetics

Oplachový coating RinzME 1+1 ZADARMO !

Oplachový coating RinzME 1+1 ZADARMO !

Autumn is coming and the associated unfavorable weather with a colder period. This can be seen in the appearance of the exterior of the vehicle, which does not contain protection and therefore has impaired drainage of water and dirt. read more


Every car owner knows that washing a car is not just about the exterior. Regular cleaning of the interior should be a regular activity, just like cleaning in the home. A dirty and dusty interior not only does not look good, but is not a suitable environment for allergy sufferers or children. That is why, with the new month of August, we have prepared for you a top combination of ProCLEEN cleaner and SatEEN plastic milk. read more
NanoXPRESS 1+1 Zdarma !

NanoXPRESS 1+1 Zdarma !

Protecting your vehicle is one of the most important steps in exterior care. As part of the summer event for the month of July, we have decided to offer you our top-notch, easy-to-apply NanoXPRESS varnish protection in the 1+1 Free version. Since many of you are enjoying the sun, sea or hiking during your summer vacation, this offer is valid for the whole month. We believe that in this way, more customers will try our product to see for themselves its qualities and advantages in terms of application and easy maintenance. read more