Most of us have at least one favorite perfume in our collection. A perfume can say more than a hundred words about you and can impress you in the first second. It's the same with car fragrance. Today, it is absolutely common for fragrances to be added not only to cosmetics and household products, but also to cars.

Why is car fragrance important?

Car fragrances affect our senses, affect our mood, act against stress and evoke emotions. They can also eliminate unwanted odors in the car.

Of course, every person reacts to the same smell, or smell different. Therefore, there are many fragrances on the market, among which it is not easy to choose. After thorough testing, we have prepared for you the best-selling trees for the car.

  • PROJECT F ® - Freshener black grape 
  • PROJECT F ® - Leather freshener 
  • PROJECT F ® - Gentleman scent
  • PROJECT F ® - Papaya freshener 
  • PROJECT F ® - Fresh scent

TOP fragrant tree for the car

Black grape scent, which has already been loved by more than 2,000 of our customers, is definitely among our TOP fragrant tree for the car. The second and also sweet, non-violent Papaya scent is suitable all year round. Those who like the smell of a new car and luxury usually reach for Leather scent, i.e. the smell of new leather. If you missed or forgot your men's perfume in the morning, the Gentleman scent tree with an attractive woody scent with a hint of musk will perfectly perfume the space in your car. The very popular Fresh scent will transform the air in your vehicle into a pleasant and fresh eucalyptus.

Our trees delight not only with their penetrating and long durability, but also with their unique design.

Do you want to travel more comfortably in the car or overcome the smells from the last McDrive?