How to quickly protect?

Autumn is coming and the associated unfavorable weather with a colder period. This can be seen in the appearance of the exterior of the vehicle, which does not contain protection and therefore has impaired drainage of water and dirt. For quick and comfortable application, we have developed an easy-to-apply, concentrated RinzME protection. It is especially suitable for people who want to wash and protect their vehicle as quickly as possible.

Rinse concentrated RinzME coating

Working with RinzME is really very easy and fast. Just wash the vehicle in the usual way. In the last step, when you rinse the car body from the car shampoo and there is only clean water on the vehicle, you apply our coating. You can dilute it with water in a spray bottle or the most ideal and fastest way is to use a foam gun. Dilute 15-100ml of the product to 1 liter of water in the 1L foam gun that you will use with the high-pressure cleaner. Dilution also depends on the further flow of water from the high-pressure cleaner during application. However, do not exceed 100ml per liter of water. If you dilute the product in a 500ml bottle with a hand sprayer, do not exceed the value of 15ml of product per 500ml of water. For a medium-sized vehicle, 1 liter of diluted product is enough to protect 2 to 3 vehicles.

Then apply the diluted product to the bodywork, windows and wheels, wait a few seconds and rinse with a high pressure stream of water.

For best results, dry the body with a PuffedDRY or PerfectDRY drying towel.

We are done! Such protection is suitable as protection between washes or for a period of up to 3 months.

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RinzME, simple application by foam gun