In order for you to try our new product ProCLEEN, we have decided to offer it to you for free with orders over 50 euros. It's easy, just put your favorite products in the basket and if the value is over 50 euros including VAT, the ProCLEEN cleaner will also appear in the basket. At the same time, you will also see a discount of 9.90 euros, which corresponds to the price of this product. So you will receive it for free. The promotion is valid until the end of May or until stocks run out.

Universal cleaner and odor remover ProCLEEN

ProCLEEN is not only a universal cleaner that removes various types of dirt, but also a product that absorbs unpleasant odors when applied, such as cigarette odor, vomit, or unpleasant animal odor. Thanks to this, you achieve two cleaning steps in one. It is especially suitable for plastic parts and textiles. After application to textile parts, we recommend wiping the surface dry or wet. Alternatively, it can also be used for extractions with a beating device. For regular application on a not very dirty surface, we recommend diluting it. This way you get more product for a great price.

After applying (cleaning) the surface, especially on stressed plastic parts, we recommend subsequently treating the surface, impregnating it with our plastic milks. For a perfect matte effect, use the proven MagicIN, and for a satin effect and older plastics, we recommend our new SatEEN.

Univerzálny čistič PROCLEEN

Univerzálny čistič a odstraňovač zápachu ProCLEEN