PROJECT F ® - SlickLook- Quick Detailer PLUS 5L

PROJECT F ® - SlickLook- Quick Detailer PLUS 5L

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A unique preparation for removing light impurities, grease and water stains. Thanks to the added synthetic polymers it enhances the gloss and enhances the hydrophobicity of the body surface. Thanks to its composition it can safely remove dust, pollen or dried water drops from the body. The regular use of detailer is the basis for the lasting perfect look of your vehicle. The product can be used in plastics, glass, lacquer, metal and wrap film.


Features SlickLook - Quick Detailer PLUS:

Safely removes light dirt, water stains. Increases gloss and enhances surface hydrophobicity. A recipe developed directly in Slovakia. Hydrophobic body surface. Pleasant scent: eucalyptus and green tea Color: Colorless


  1. Wash the vehicle first.
  2. Shake before use.
  3. Apply to cool surface.
  4. SlickLook can be used on both wet and dry surfaces.
  5. Spray Detailer onto microfibre or treated area.
  6. Always apply to one part of the body and then polish.
  7. Get a shine with quick straight movements.
  8. Do not allow the product to dry spontaneously.

Important! Do not let the product dry. Keep out of the reach of children. Don't freeze, keep at room temperature.

Volume: 500 ml

Country of origin: Slovak Republic

Project F - Detailer SlickLOOK
Project F - Detailer SlickLOOK
Project F - Detailer SlickLOOK špičková hydrofóbnosť
Project F - Detailer SlickLOOK with wax WaXXtreem
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