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Inspired by atypical vehicle modifications, we decided to do things our way. Our desire is to offer greater pleasure in taking care of your car.


Think about the projects you put a lot of time and emotions and sometimes swearing :). Rebuilding your interior, lowering your vehicle, boosting performance ... didn't you please the result? The development of our products can also be linked to your story, not everything can be done for the first time. That's why we put time, commitment and effort to listen to your requirements in product development.

Little things make up the whole

We wish you a smile on your face when you wash your car, smell interior dressing, apply wax to your body. Why couldn't it be fun?


If you want to be different, we will support you. So that our project-f is a support for your dream project. If you can't give advice with the products you have comments, we are here for you.

Made in Slovakia

Project F - Car cosmetics

New video concepts on our YouTube

New video concepts on our YouTube

In order to get closer to our dealers and fans at the same time, we decided to create a new concept of videos focused on shots from the life of detailing studios and car washes. read more
New product! Durable NanoXPRESS protection

New product! Durable NanoXPRESS protection

We are glad that after a long testing we can once again offer you a great and usable product, both in the professional detailing studio and in the hobby workshop. Our novelty is called NanoXPRESS as you know it from the name, it is nano-technology, more information can be found in the article below. read more
What car drying towel?

What car drying towel?

Drying the car body is one of the important steps that must be taken for a perfect result after washing the vehicle. Thus, a car towel and a drying towel are an integral aid in drying. Today we already know that a deer does not belong in a car, due to the possible scratching of the surface of the vehicle's paint. In our offer you will currently find two types of drying towels. Waffle drying towel and microfiber drying towel. Below we will discuss the basic differences that you may encounter in product specifications such as weight, size and composition. read more