New packaging and 3 new products for the beginning of the season

For the last year, we have been working intensively on improvements that would please you. The priority was updating the packaging of our 500ml products. The condition was to comply with our design and functionality. The new bottles are a little lower and have a larger diameter. This will achieve better stability when placing the half-empty product on the shelf, ground. Atomizers have better dosing properties and stronger seals for more aggressive chemistry.

MagicIN - changed cap for dosing

From the current offer, there was a change in the product PROJECT-F - MagicIN. This popular plastic lotion has a flip cap instead of the original sprayer, which makes dosing easier, as we recommend applying it to the applicator and then to the treated surface. With the correct dosage of the product, there is no need to buff the surface with a micro-brush. The milk is simply massaged in and leaves a matte effect. Thanks to the change in the cap, there will no longer be drying at the spray nozzle.

dressing with a matte effect

dressing with a matte effect

New product ProCLEEN - cleaner and odor remover

If you are looking for a product that will provide you with a top result in the area of cleaning textiles, plastics and various surfaces and at the same time destroy unpleasant odors, we recommend ProCLEEN. Our new universal, concentrated cleaner is suitable for regular maintenance, as it can be diluted, but also for more extreme pollution in a concentrated form. Whether you have a new second-hand car and need to get rid of the cigarette smell, or you've had an accident in the form of an old soup spill, give this cleaner a try. Following on from the melon scent, we have prepared a new SatEEN plastic lotion with the same scent.

New SatEEN product - milk for plastics with a melon scent and a satin effect.

We already have a scented milk with a matte effect, it is a MagicIN product. Well, as they say, how many people, so many tastes! This led us to create a new milk that differs in its properties, application and final effect. The new SatEEN product is thinner and creates a satin effect after use. The application is convenient through the flip top cap, using the DarkWax applicator or through the Dark Trigger sprayer (optional accessory) as a quick and easy protection in use with a microfiber towel, for example QuickWIPE. The advantage is the use with APC cleaner ProCLEEN, as it contains the same type of fragrance. This will not disturb the harmony after using both products consecutively.

New product ProWHEELZ - acid wheel cleaner

PROWheelz wheel cleaner is our second product in order to remove dirt from the surface of wheels. Unlike the popular FreshWheelz cleaner, PROwheelz is acid-based with an added rust removal formula. This great product is in gel form, which will ensure a longer reaction with dirt on the surface of the wheel. We can highlight again the pleasant work due to the lemon scent. It is suitable for more demanding applications like FreshWheelz. However, it should be noted that FreshWheelz is more suitable for regular cleaning, as PROWheelz is stronger and therefore more aggressive on other parts such as plastic and rubber.