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Who we are?

With passion to be unique

Inspired by atypical vehicle modifications, we decided to do things our way. Our desire is to offer greater pleasure in taking care of your car.


Think about the projects you put a lot of time and emotions and sometimes swearing :). Rebuilding your interior, lowering your vehicle, boosting performance ... didn't you please the result? The development of our products can also be linked to your story, not everything can be done for the first time. That's why we put time, commitment and effort to listen to your requirements in product development.

Little things make up the whole

We wish you a smile on your face when you wash your car, smell interior dressing, apply wax to your body. Why couldn't it be fun?


If you want to be different, we will support you. So that our project-f is a support for your dream project. If you can't give advice with the products you have comments, we are here for you.

Made in Slovakia

Project F - Car cosmetics

Don't miss the 30% discount on large 5 liter reserves!

Don't miss the 30% discount on large 5 liter reserves!

Many of you have verified our products and are happy to return to them. We are very pleased! At this post-season we would like to offer you a special option to buy large 5 liter packages at a great price! We have prepared a 30% discount on all large car care packages. We know that some products pass faster (APC cleaners, detailers) and some on the other hand slower because they are very copious (Dressing for plastics and tires). Nevertheless, we think that many of you will take advantage of such an event and will enjoy it. The supply of car cosmetics is never enough! The offer is valid until the end of October or until the current stock is sold out. read more
3 simple steps for perfectly clean wheels

3 simple steps for perfectly clean wheels

For proper cleaning and care of the wheels, we need a wheel cleaner, universal cleaner (APC), wheel brush, microfiber cloths, detailer and tire dressing. We clean the wheels from coarse dirt, decontaminate them from asphalt and treat them with a detailer. read more
Video tutorials and tips for the application of our products

Video tutorials and tips for the application of our products

We look forward to sunny and warm weather with you and your cars. Many of you contact us about the application of products and various recommendations, we decided to create practical video tutorials with our products in cooperation with Vlado Šefčík. We will try to gradually introduce you to every single product from our offer. Let washing, detailing the vehicle be fun, a pleasure and in the end with a perfect result according to your ideas. In order not to miss anything from our video creation, subscribe to our Youtube Channel - PROJECT F - WITH PASSION TO BE UNIQUE read more

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