PROJECT F ® - Perfect DRY - Microfiber Cloth - Size: 80x55cm

PROJECT F ® - Perfect DRY - Microfiber Cloth - Size: 80x55cm

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Perfect DRY - Microfiber Cloth An absolute best seller and one of the most necessary products for any detailing. Large, safe waffle towel to dry your car after washing. Thanks to the extremely soft and fine waffle structure of the microfiber, it does not scratch the paint. The towel absorbs water perfectly and leaves no streaks. It will dry even the smallest corners, such as the vestibule, glass surfaces, and the skeleton of the bicycle. The waffle design has a long tradition in drying towels, and so we cannot miss it. Since it is a professional product, it is packaged in a separate zipper bag, where you can still store the wipe to prevent contamination.


Features:. Silicone free (does not leave a greasy film). Large and secure waffle design. Perfect absorption properties (dry the entire vehicle with two squeezes). Soft, silky edge Leaves no streaks. Extremely durable: it can be washed and used several times for several years. Dries very quickly after use.

Dimensions: 80 x 55 cm

Weight: 550 g / m2

Material: 70% polyester / 30% polyamide

Washing: max 60 ° C

Purpose: car drying

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