PROJECT F ® - Leather brush - horse hair
PROJECT F ® - Leather brush - horse hair-1
PROJECT F ® - Leather brush - horse hair-2
PROJECT F ® - Leather brush - horse hair-3

PROJECT F ® - Leather brush - horse hair

This special leather and textile brush is suitable for cleaning medium to medium surfaces. The brush has special bristles made of PVC material that has a long lifetime and great cleaning effects. Thanks to its fine bristles, it must be feared that the surface of the leather seats will be damaged mechanically.

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Suitable for:

Leather (Tapestry, Seats, Other Upholstered Surfaces)
Textile (Tapestry, Seat, Ceiling, Canvas)


  1. Spray the cleaner onto a clean surface and brush bristles.
  2. Swirl gently across the surface to loosen dirt in the surface.
  3. After loosening the dirt, wipe with a microfibre cloth (preferably PROJECT-F Quick Erase)
  4. Surface option to dry.

Material: wood + horse hair

Color: brown wood + black bristles

Size: 17 x 5 x 4,4 cm

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